Current Affairs 2018 March Quiz Set - 5

  • 1. World 'Pi Day' is observed on?
   A.) 14th March
   B.) 15th March
   C.) 16th March
   D.) 17th March

Answer: Option 'A'

14th March

  • 2. Which country has won the 27th edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah cup 2018?
   A.) Philippines
   B.) New Zealand
   C.) Australia
   D.) Vanuatu

Answer: Option 'C'


  • 3. Name the renowned British theoretical physicist and cosmologist who has recently passed away?
   A.) Stephen King
   B.) Albert Einstein
   C.) Eddie Redmayne
   D.) Stephen Hawking

Answer: Option 'D'

Stephen Hawking

  • 4. Name the Best Selling book authored by Stephen Hawking?
   A.) The Grand Design
   B.) A Brief History of Time
   C.) The Universe in a Nutshell
   D.) My Brief History

Answer: Option 'B'

A Brief History of Time

  • 5. The 1st Regional Conference on Mass Rapid Transport Systems for Urban Areas – Opportunities and Challenges was recently held at ?
   A.) Ahmedabad
   B.) Mumbai
   C.) Kolkata
   D.) West Bengal

Answer: Option 'C'