Blood Relations Questions And Answers - Logical Reasoning For RRB NTPC Exams


Who is the brother of R?

   A.) L
   B.) M
   C.) N
   D.) P

Answer: Option 'B'

M is the brother of R.


Which person in the following option do not belong to the same generation of Q?

   A.) P
   B.) N
   C.) M
   D.) N

Answer: Option 'C'

M and R are next Generation of Q.

  • Questions (16) : (i) In a family of six persons A, B, C, D, E and F, there are two married couples. (ii) D is grandmother of A and mother of B. (iii) C is wife of B and mother of F. (iv) F is the grand daughter of E


What is the relationship of B with E?  

   A.) Son
   B.) Mother
   C.) GrandSon
   D.) GrandDaughter

Answer: Option 'A'



Find the maternal uncle of R? 

   A.) Q
   B.) M
   C.) P
   D.) N

Answer: Option 'A'

"Q" is the maternal uncle of R.

  • Questions (1 to 5) : Answer the following questions based on the given data.
    A family consists of six people L, M, N, P, Q and R.
    R is the son of L but L is not the mother of R.
    P and L are married couples.
    N is the brother of L.
    M is the daughter of P.
    Q is the brother of P


Find the maternal uncle of M?

   A.) P
   B.) Q
   C.) R
   D.) L

Answer: Option 'B'

Q is the maternal-Uncle of M.

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