Computer Fundamentals Section | Basic Computer Knowledge


The ALU of a central processing unit does the essential maths work for the computer. What does the control unit do?

   A.) Monitors the flow of information
   B.) Activates the output device
   C.) Communicates its results
   D.) Control the printer

Answer: Option 'A'

​Monitors the flow of information


Computers are extremely fast and have fantastic memories. However, the only thing they can remember is

   A.) Instruction
   B.) Series of 1s and 0s
   C.) Boolean algebra
   D.) Logic theorems

Answer: Option 'B'

​Series of 1s and 0s


Analytical engine developed by

   A.) Blaise Pascal
   B.) Charles Babbage
   C.) Dennis Ritchie
   D.) Alan Turing

Answer: Option 'B'

Charles Babbage


The software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as

   A.) Compiler
   B.) Assembler
   C.) Interpreter
   D.) Language processor

Answer: Option 'D'

Language processor


Before a disk drive can access any sector record, a computer program has to provide the record's disk address. What information does this address specify?

   A.) Track number
   B.) Sector number
   C.) Surface number
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'D'

All of the above

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