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Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment.

   A.) keyboard, monitor, hard drive
   B.) system unit, input/output, secondary storage
   C.) system unit, primary storage, secondary storage
   D.) system unit, primary storage, secondary storage

Answer: Option 'B'

system unit, input/output, secondary storage


The ALU of a computer responds to the commands coming from

   A.) primary memory
   B.) control section
   C.) external memory
   D.) cache memory

Answer: Option 'B'

​control section


What is the name of the printer which prints all the A's in a line before all the B's?

   A.) Thermal printer
   B.) Electrostatic printer
   C.) Line printer
   D.) Ink-jet printer

Answer: Option 'C'

​Line printer


ASCII stands for

   A.) American standard code for information interchange
   B.) All purpose scientific code for information interchange
   C.) American security code for information interchange
   D.) American Scientific code for information interchange

Answer: Option 'A'

​American standard code for information interchange


Any storage device added to a computer beyond the immediately usable main storage is known as

   A.) Floppy disk
   B.) Hard disk
   C.) Backing store
   D.) Punched card

Answer: Option 'C'

​Backing store


A typical modern computer uses

   A.) LSI chips
   B.) vacuum tubes
   C.) valves
   D.) Both 1 and 2

Answer: Option 'A'

Alan Turing


A systems programming language for microcomputers in the Intel family is

   A.) PL/C
   B.) PL/CT
   C.) PL/M
   D.) PLA

Answer: Option 'C'



Which is another name for functional language?

   A.) Machine
   B.) Application language
   C.) Low-level language
   D.) High-level language

Answer: Option 'B'

​Application language


The complete picture of data stored in database is known as

   A.) Record
   B.) Schema
   C.) System flowchart
   D.) DBMS

Answer: Option 'B'



An operating system intended for use on microprocessor based systems that support a single user is

   A.) PC-DOS
   B.) MS-DOS
   C.) UNIX
   D.) CP/M

Answer: Option 'D'



_______ is not an E-commerce application

   A.) House banking
   B.) Buying stocks
   C.) Evaluating an employee
   D.) Conducting an auction

Answer: Option 'C'

Evaluating an employee


Which part of the computer were is used for calculating and comparing?

   A.) Disk unit
   B.) Modem
   C.) ALU
   D.) Control unit

Answer: Option 'C'



The analog computer measures dimensions and its circuits use the differential and integral equations of continuous variables. The digital computer counts units and its circuits use

   A.) Logic gates
   B.) Discrete switches
   C.) Boolean algebra id) Bayes' theorem
   D.) None of the above

Answer: Option 'C'

​Boolean algebra id) Bayes' theorem


Computers are extremely fast and have fantastic memories. However, the only thing they can remember is

   A.) Instruction
   B.) Series of 1s and 0s
   C.) Boolean algebra
   D.) Logic theorems

Answer: Option 'B'

​Series of 1s and 0s


A characteristic of card systems is:

   A.) slowness in processing data
   B.) using cards as records of transactions
   C.) needing a larger DP staff
   D.) all the above

Answer: Option 'D'

all the above


Why is the width of the data bus so important to the processing speed of a computer?

   A.) The narrower it is, the greater the computer's processing speed
   B.) The wider it is, the more data that can fit into main memory
   C.) The wider it is, the greater the computer's processing speed
   D.) The wider it is, the slower the computer's processing speed

Answer: Option 'C'

​The wider it is, the greater the computer's processing speed


Which network is a packet switching network?

   A.) Ring network
   B.) LAN
   C.) Star network
   D.) EuroNET

Answer: Option 'D'



A _____ is simply an arrangement where multiple disk drives appear as a single disk drive to the user.

   A.) disk
   B.) disk array
   C.) bunch of disks
   D.) disk pack

Answer: Option 'B'

​disk array


Which of the following is the coding of data so that is can't be easily understood if intercepted.

   A.) Barcode
   B.) Decoder
   C.) Encryption
   D.) Mnemonics

Answer: Option 'C'



The capacity of 3.5 inch floppy disk is

   A.) 1.48 MB
   B.) 1.46 MB
   C.) 1.22 MB
   D.) 1.44 MB

Answer: Option 'D'

Microfloppy disks (3.5 inch) if it is high density (MF2HD) can store 1.44 MB and if it is low density (MF2DD), it can store 720 KB. Mini Floppy disks (5.25 inch) if it is high density (MD2HD) can store 1.2 MB and low density (MD2DD) stores 360 KB of data.


What is the name of the visible silver rectangle which separates the take-up portion of the magnetic tape from the data recording portion?

   A.) Load marker
   B.) Load maker
   C.) Tape separator
   D.) Tape marker

Answer: Option 'A'

Load marker


When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?

   A.) 1991
   B.) 1990
   C.) 1984
   D.) 1978

Answer: Option 'A'


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