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Who invented the high level language c?

   A.) Donald Kunth
   B.) Seymour Papert
   C.) Niklaus Writh
   D.) Dennis M. Ritchie

Answer: Option 'D'

Dennis M. Ritchie


Which is used to provide the sight information to the right person at the right time for proper decision making?

   A.) DBMS
   B.) MIS
   C.) ISO
   D.) PSO

Answer: Option 'B'



Which type of system puts the user into direct conversation with the computer through a keyboard?

   A.) Real time processing
   B.) Interactive computer
   C.) Batch processing
   D.) Time sharing

Answer: Option 'B'

Interactive computer


Which of the following is first generation of computer

   A.) ICL-2900
   B.) CDC-1604
   C.) IBM-1401
   D.) EDSAC

Answer: Option 'D'

IBM-1401, CDC-1604 is the second generation computer. ICL-2900 is a fourth-generation computer.  EDSAC is important in the development of the computer because it was the first computer to use John von. Concept Neumann recorded program. It used 3,000 vacuum tubes and computers with vacuum tubes are the first generation computers.


The main purpose of time sharing techniques used in computers is to make the best use of the

   A.) CPU
   B.) peripherals
   C.) seconday storage
   D.) floppy disks

Answer: Option 'A'



A program component that allows structuring of a program in an unusual way is known as

   A.) Correlation
   B.) Coroutine
   C.) Diagonalization
   D.) Quene

Answer: Option 'B'



The ALU of a central processing unit does the essential maths work for the computer. What does the control unit do?

   A.) Monitors the flow of information
   B.) Activates the output device
   C.) Communicates its results
   D.) Control the printer

Answer: Option 'A'

​Monitors the flow of information


A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical systems is

   A.) Data transmission
   B.) Data flow
   C.) Data capture
   D.) Data processing

Answer: Option 'B'

​Data flow


The user generally applies _______ to access mainframe or super computer.

   A.) terminal
   B.) mode
   C.) desktop
   D.) hand held

Answer: Option 'A'



Control Unit of a digital computer is often called the

   A.) Nerve center
   B.) Clock
   C.) ICs
   D.) All of the above

Answer: Option 'A'

​Nerve center


The output quality of a printer is measured by

   A.) Dots printed per unit time
   B.) Dot per inch
   C.) Dot per sq. inch
   D.) All of above

Answer: Option 'C'

Dot per sq. inch

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EEPROM stand for

   A.) Easily Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
   B.) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
   C.) Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
   D.) None of the above

Answer: Option 'C'

FORTRAN (Formula Translation) is one of the earlier High Level programming languages used to write scientific applications. It was developed by IBM in 1956.

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