Basic Computer Knowledge Test 500 + Questions and Answers


The base of the hexadecimal number system is

   A.) 2
   B.) 8
   C.) 10
   D.) 16

Answer: Option 'D'



Which of the following statements is/are true?

   A.) Cache Memories are bigger than RAM
   B.) Cache Memories are smaller than RAM
   C.) ROM are faster than RAM
   D.) Information in ROM can be written by users

Answer: Option 'B'

​Cache Memories are smaller than RAM


Who developed integrated chip?

   A.) Robert Nayak
   B.) C Babbage
   C.) JS Kilby
   D.) CV Raman

Answer: Option 'C'

JS Kilby


The ……… becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing.

   A.) active tab
   B.) insertion point
   C.) mouse pointer
   D.) Ribbon

Answer: Option 'C'

mouse pointer


In the binary language each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of:

   A.) Eight bytes
   B.) Eight kilobytes
   C.) Eight characters
   D.) Eight bit

Answer: Option 'D'

Eight bit


Do you know that SEO engineers ensure that your website comes on the top in list of search engine? Expand SEO

   A.) Search engine optimization
   B.) Search engine officials
   C.) Search engine optimizers
   D.) Search engine officers

Answer: Option 'A'

Search engine optimization


Network interface card is housed in

   A.) Memory
   B.) CPU
   C.) Motherboard
   D.) RAM

Answer: Option 'C'



____ is used by public and private enterprises to publish and share financial information with each other and industry analysts across all computer platforms and the Internet.

   A.) Extensible Markup Language (EML)
   B.) Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
   C.) Enterprise Application Integration (EA!)
   D.) Sales Force Automation (SEA) software

Answer: Option 'B'

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)


Computer software includes

   A.) Packaged programs
   B.) Operating system programs
   C.) Application programs
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'D'

All the above

  • Memory is of three types

    * Cache Memory
    * Primary Memory
    * Secondary Memory

    Cache Memory

    * Cache memory is a very high-speed semiconductor memory which can speed up CPU. It acts as a buffer between the CPU and main memory.

    Primary Memory (Main Memory)

    1. Primary memory holds only those data and instructions on which computer is currently working.
    2. It has limited capacity and data is lost when power is switched off.
    3. It is generally made up of the semiconductor device.
    4. The data and instruction require being processed reside in main memory.
    There are two sub-categories ROM and RAM in Primary memory.


To open find window.

   A.) F1
   B.) F2
   C.) F3
   D.) F5

Answer: Option 'D'



_______ can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides but presented in a different order.

   A.) Slide Show
   B.) Slide Show View
   C.) Slide Show Setup
   D.) Custom Slide Show

Answer: Option 'D'

Custom Slide Show


Which of the following keyboard short-cut is used to center the paragraph?

   A.) Ctrl + C
   B.) Ctrl + E
   C.) Ctrl + L
   D.) Ctrl + R

Answer: Option 'B'

Ctrl + E


A typical slide in a slide presentation would not include —

   A.) photo irnagescParts, and graphs
   B.) graphs and clip art
   C.) clip art and audio clips
   D.) full-motion video

Answer: Option 'D'

full-motion video


BIOS stands for

   A.) Basic Input Output system
   B.) Binary Input output system
   C.) Basic Input Off system
   D.) all the above

Answer: Option 'A'

Basic Input Output system


What does HTTP stands for?

   A.) Head Tail Transfer Protocol
   B.) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
   C.) Hypertext Transfer Plotter
   D.) Hypertext Transfer Plot

Answer: Option 'B'

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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