MS Excel Questions & Answers | Basic Computer Knowledge

  • Basic Computer Knowledge Test Questions and Answers

    Shortcut Keys of MS-Excel and their Descriptions
    Shortcut Keys Description
    F2 Edit the selected cell.
    F5 Go to a specific e.g., C6
    F7 Spell chech selected text and/or document.
    F11 Create chart.
    Ctrl + Shift + ; Enter the current time.
    Ctrl + ; Enter the current date.
    Alt + Shift + F1 Insert new worksheet.
    Shift + F3 Open the Excel formula window.
    Shift + F5 Bring up search box.
    Ctrl + A Select all contents of the worksheet.
    Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection.
    Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection.
    Ctrl + K Insert link.
    Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection.
    Ctrl + 5 Strike through highlighted selection.
    Ctrl + P Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing.
    Ctrl + Z Undo last action.
    Ctrl + F9 Minimise current workbook.
    Ctrl + F10 Maximise currently selected workbook.
    Ctrl + F6 Switch between open workbooks/windows.
    Ctrl + Page up Move between Excwl worksheets in the same Excel document.
    Ctrl + Page down Move between Excwl worksheets in the same Excel document.
    Ctrl + Tab Move between two or more open Excel files.
    Alt + = Create a formula to sum all of the above cells.
    Ctrl + ' Insert the value of the above cell into cell currently selected.
    Ctrl + Shift + ! Format number in comma format.
    Ctrl + Shift + $ Format number in currency format.
    Ctrl + Shift + # Format number in date format.
    Ctrl + Shift + % Format number in percentage format.
    Ctrl + Shift + @ Format number in time format.
    Ctrl + Arrow key Move to next section of text.
    Ctrl + Space Select entire column.
    Shift + Space Select entire row.
  • 11. A Spreadsheet contains ?
   A.) columns
   B.) rows
   C.) rows and columns
   D.) None of above

Answer: Option 'C'

rows and columns

  • 12. To open an existing workbook, click the Open button on the ___ toolbar ?
   A.) Form
   B.) Standard
   C.) Drawing
   D.) Formatting

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 13. Which among following is not associated with spelling dialogue box ?
   A.) Edit
   B.) Ignore All
   C.) Ignore
   D.) Change

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 14. what term describes a background that appears as a grainy, non smooth surface ?
   A.) Pattern
   B.) Gradient
   C.) Velvet
   D.) Texture

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 15. Which among following is associated with excel ?
   A.) Graphic program
   B.) Spreadsheet
   C.) Microsoft office
   D.) None of these

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 16. The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell C1 and goes over to column H and down to row 10 is ?
   A.) C1:10H
   B.) C1:H10
   C.) C1:H-10
   D.) C1:H:10

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 17. You can convert existing Excel worksheet data and charts to HTML document by using the ?
   A.) Intranet Wizard
   B.) Internet Assistant Wizard
   C.) Import Wizard
   D.) Export Wizard

Answer: Option 'B'

Internet Assistant Wizard

  • 18. To create an interactive Pivot Table for the web, you use a Microsoft Office Web component called ?
   A.) Pivot Table Report
   B.) Pivot Table List
   C.) Pivot Table Field List
   D.) HTML

Answer: Option 'A'

Pivot Table Report

  • 19. What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row ?
   A.) Hyperlinks
   B.) Rows
   C.) Index
   D.) Transpose

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 20. Except which of the following function, a formula with a logical function shows the word "TRUE" or "FALSE" as a result ?
   A.) NOT
   B.) OR
   C.) IF
   D.) AND

Answer: Option 'C'