Modern History Questions and Answers


Sivagiri pilgrimage was duly approved by Gurudevan on January, 1928, which was conceived by ………… and T K Kittan Writer.

   A.) Vallabhasseri Govindan Vaidyar
   B.) Rajaram Mohan Roy
   C.) Govindan Vaidyar
   D.) T.K.Madhavan

Answer: Option 'A'

Vallabhasseri Govindan Vaidyar


Who was the District Magistrate whose bunglow was stormed and was murdered by the violent Mappilas in 1855?

   A.) Gladstone
   B.) William Logan
   C.) H.V.Connolly
   D.) Lord Ripon

Answer: Option 'C'



The journal ’The Commonweal’ was started by

   A.) R.G.Bhandarkar
   B.) N.G.Chandavarkar
   C.) M.G.Ranade
   D.) Annie Besant

Answer: Option 'D'

Annie Besant


Twenty two riots were reported from different parts of Malabar throughout the 19th century intermittent uprisings ocurred in Malabar especially in ........ and Valluvanad taluks.

   A.) Kannur
   B.) Ernad
   C.) Cochi
   D.) Travancore

Answer: Option 'B'



The collector of Malabar was appointed as special commissioner to enquire into the causes of the uprisings and recommend remedial measures by the Madras government, as the unrest continued unabatedly. Who was the collector?

   A.) Gokhale
   B.) William Logan
   C.) Connolly
   D.) S.N.Banerjee

Answer: Option 'B'

William Logan

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