Modern History Questions and Answers

  • 21. Joseph François Dupleix was the commander of which of the following forces in India
   A.) French
   B.) American
   C.) Dutch
   D.) British

Answer: Option 'A'


  • 22. The Spanish Armada was defeated by
   A.) Elizabeth II
   B.) Elizabeth I
   C.) James I
   D.) Henry VIII

Answer: Option 'B'

Elizabeth I

  • 23. When did the First Opium War start?
   A.) 1639
   B.) 1739
   C.) 1839
   D.) 1939

Answer: Option 'C'


  • 24. When did Indian Mutiny begin?
   A.) 1557
   B.) 1757
   C.) 1657
   D.) 1857

Answer: Option 'D'


  • 25. By which act, the Company lost all its administrative powers?
   A.) By the Government of India Act of 1658
   B.) By the Government of India Act of 1758
   C.) By the Government of India Act of 1858
   D.) By the Government of India Act of 1958

Answer: Option 'C'

By the Government of India Act of 1858

  • 26. The dual system of administration in Bengal was set up by
   A.) Dupleix
   B.) Robert Clive
   C.) Lord Macaulay
   D.) Lord Wellesley

Answer: Option 'B'

Robert Clive

  • 27.  In the sphere of revenue administration, which permanent settlement was made in Bengal?
   A.) William Bentinck
   B.) William Pitt
   C.) Hastings
   D.) Lord Cornwallis

Answer: Option 'D'

Lord Cornwallis

  • 28. When did the Permanent Settlement enforce?
   A.) 1693
   B.) 1793
   C.) 1893
   D.) 1933

Answer: Option 'B'


  • 29. Who introduced Subsidiary Alliance?
   A.) Lord Dalhousie
   B.) Lord Wellesley
   C.) Robert Clive
   D.) Robert Clive

Answer: Option 'B'

Lord Wellesley

  • 30. When did Fakir-Sannyasi Resistance, against the East India Company dominance, begin?
   A.) Kerala
   B.) Bengal
   C.) Karnataka
   D.) Gujarat

Answer: Option 'B'