Computer Quiz For LIC AAO Exam 2019


An image on a computer screen is made up of a matrix of what?

   A.) Byte
   B.) Pixels
   C.) Bit
   D.) Palette

Answer: Option 'B'



By default, your documents print in ________ mode

   A.) Page setup
   B.) Portrait
   C.) Landscape
   D.) Print preview

Answer: Option 'B'



Which among the following options is a Window utility program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations?

   A.) Disk Cleaner 
   B.) Disk Cleanup
   C.) Disk Defragmenter 
   D.) Restore

Answer: Option 'C'

Disk Defragmenter is a utility in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations, a technique called defragmentation.


The startup routine runs, when machine boots up is known as _____________.

   A.) POST
   B.) BOOT up
   C.) Operating Routine
   D.) I/O operation

Answer: Option 'B'

The startup routine runs, when machine boots up is BOOT up.


A cookie that was not created by the website that attempts to access it is known as _____

   A.) First Party Cookie
   B.) Second Party Cookie
   C.) Third Party Cookie
   D.) Intrusion Detection

Answer: Option 'C'

Third Party Cookie


A student used combination of PHP, MySQL and HTML for his project. Website developed by the student is a ______website.

   A.) Dynamic 
   B.) Flash 
   C.) Static 
   D.) databese

Answer: Option 'A'

A dynamic website can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to generate the changing content or a combination of both scripting types. PHP is used to develop dynamic sites.


Which among the following options specifies this action: Holding the mouse button down while moving an object of text?

   A.) moving
   B.) dragging
   C.) saving
   D.) highlighting

Answer: Option 'B'



Objects on the slide that hold text are called _______

   A.) Place holders
   B.) Object holders
   C.) Auto layout
   D.) Text holders

Answer: Option 'A'

Place holders


In a computer system, ________ is a group of servers and other resources that act like a single system and enable high availability

   A.) Control
   B.) Cluster
   C.) Backup
   D.) Central

Answer: Option 'B'



If an Excel Worksheet is to be linked for use in PowerPoint presentation, the following should be clicked ___________

   A.) Edit, Paste Special
   B.) Edit, Paste
   C.) Edit, Copy
   D.) File, Copy

Answer: Option 'A'

Edit, Paste Special


Microsoft’s Access and Corel’s Paradox are both examples of which type of software?

   A.) Network database systems
   B.) Relational database systems
   C.) Flat-file database systems
   D.) Hierarchical database systems

Answer: Option 'B'

Relational database systems


_________ are set of rules and procedures to control the data transmission over the internet

   A.) IP address
   B.) Domains
   C.) Protocol
   D.) Gateway

Answer: Option 'C'



Which of the following groups contains graphical file extensions?

   A.) JPG, GIF, BMP
   B.) GIF, TCF, WMF
   C.) TCP, JPG, BMP
   D.) ADP, GIF, PPT

Answer: Option 'A'

JPG, GIF, BMP are graphical file extensions


________ is a small application that performs one specific task that runs within the scope of a dedicated widget engine or a larger program

   A.) Cookie
   B.) Spider
   C.) Flash
   D.) Applet

Answer: Option 'D'



Ctrl, shift and alt are called _________ keys. 

   A.) adjustment
   B.) function
   C.) modifier
   D.) alphanumeric

Answer: Option 'C'


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