Basic Computer Knowledge Fundamentals Questions and Answers MCQs Set - 10


Which of the following audio / video formats was developed by Microsoft?

   A.) MPEG
   B.) ADX
   C.) WMA
   D.) AVS

Answer: Option 'C'



Shiv Nadar is related to which of the following companies?

   A.) TCS Technologies
   B.) HCL Technologies
   C.) P3 Technologies
   D.) QS Technologies

Answer: Option 'B'

HCL Technologies


Which of the following network cabling would you choose to install around a noisy room where machines were constantly running?

   A.) Fiber
   B.) STP
   C.) Coax
   D.) UTP

Answer: Option 'A'



Which command is used to get the current date only?

   A.) Date
   B.) Time
   C.) Second
   D.) All of these

Answer: Option 'A'



What was UNIVAC?

   A.) A computer
   B.) A Super computer
   C.) A software Programme
   D.) A Computer Manufacturer

Answer: Option 'A'

A computer

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