Data Communication and Networking MCQs


The maximum modem operating rate that can be transported by ADPCM is ______.

   A.) 300 bps
   B.) 1200 bps
   C.) 4800 bps
   D.) 9600 bps

Answer: Option 'C'

4800 bps


Avalanche photodiode receiver can detect bits of transmitted data by receiving.

   A.) 1 Photon
   B.) 100 photons
   C.) 10 photons
   D.) 200 photons

Answer: Option 'D'

200 photons


In a synchronous modem, the digital-to-analog converter sends a signal to the _______

   A.) transmission line
   B.) modulator
   C.) terminal
   D.) equalizer

Answer: Option 'D'



The different angles of entry of light into an optical fiber in which the diameter of the core is many times the wavelength of the light transmitted are called.

   A.) Emitters
   B.) Modes
   C.) Sensors
   D.) Refractors

Answer: Option 'B'



The second Y MODEM block used to transport an 1100-byte file would use data field of _____.

   A.) 1024 characters
   B.) 100 characters
   C.) 128 characters
   D.) 64 characters

Answer: Option 'C'

128 characters

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