SBI PO Mains CA Quiz Set - 4


In the recent newspapers, a term Rexit used frequently. The term refers to .......

   A.) Increasing Repo Rate, when the inflation is high.
   B.) Re entry to Urban Co-operative banks, whose license cancelled recently
   C.) Government proposal to merge all Public sector banks in 7 or 8 banks
   D.) Exit of Raghuram Rajan as the Governor of RBI

Answer: Option 'D'

Exit of Raghuram Rajan as the Governor of RBI


For the Offshore Derivative instruments (ODIs), the new norms are issued by SEBI on 11 Hune 2016 to follow the Rules of KYC and AML regulations. KYC means Know your Customer and AML stands for ...........

   A.) Anti-Money Laundering
   B.) Again-Money Laundering
   C.) Anti-Mobile Laundering
   D.) Act-Money Laundering

Answer: Option 'A'

Anti-Money Laundering


Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha said banks are expected to disburse how much loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) in 2016 - 17?

   A.) Rs. 3.80 lakh crore
   B.) Rs. 10 lakh crore
   C.) Rs. 1.80 lakh crore
   D.) Rs. 1.00 lakh crore

Answer: Option 'C'

Rs. 1.80 lakh crore


On 15 June 2016, the Union Cabinet approved the takeover by SBI of its five associate banks and ..............

   A.) MUDRA Bank
   C.) Exim Bank
   D.) Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Answer: Option 'D'

Bharatiya Mahila Bank


Which of the following banks in the country has set ups in the financial technology (fintech) space?

   A.) Corporation Bank
   B.) SBI
   C.) Citi Bank
   D.) Canara Bank

Answer: Option 'B'



RBI signed MoU with Bank of Israel (BOI) for exchange of information pertaining to banking supervison. The currency of Israel is ...........

   A.) Peso
   B.) Dinar
   C.) New Shekel
   D.) Dirham

Answer: Option 'C'

New Shekel


Which nation and India set up a joint parliamentary panel to enhance ties as declared on 19 June 2016?

   A.) Thailand
   B.) Ivory Coast
   C.) UAE
   D.) Saudi Arabia

Answer: Option 'C'



For the mobilization of rural savings by local institutions and make them available for investments in the areas, the Local Area Bank Scheme was introduced in ............

   A.) 1996
   B.) 1981
   C.) 2001
   D.) 2004

Answer: Option 'A'



Which is the Local Area Bank (LAB) emerged as the first entity received the RBI license to start operations as a small finance bank?

   A.) Krishnabim Samrishi Local area Bank, Telangana
   B.) Coastal LAB, Vijayawada
   C.) Capital Local Area Bank, Jalandhar
   D.) South Gujarat Local Area Bank Ltd. Gujarat

Answer: Option 'C'

Capital Local Area Bank, Jalandhar


In order to enhanc economic cooperation and strengthen financial stability, RBI extended the $ 2 billion currency swap arrangement to SAARC nations .............

   A.) till mid - November 2016
   B.) till mid - March 2017
   C.) till mid - March 2019
   D.) till mid - November 2017

Answer: Option ''

till mid - November 2017

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