Static GK Quiz : Discoveries & Inventions - Set 1


Which company invented the transistor radio?

   A.) Grundig
   B.) Telstra
   C.) Sony
   D.) Panasonic

Answer: Option 'C'



Who invented the Video-tape?

   A.) Charles Ginsberg
   B.) Richard James
   C.) P.T. Farnsworth
   D.) George de Mestral

Answer: Option 'A'

Charles Ginsberg


Electron was discovered by?

   A.) Ernest Rutherford
   B.) Joseph Thomson
   C.) T. H. Maimah
   D.) Max Planck

Answer: Option 'B'

Joseph Thomson


Who built the first modern motorcar?

   A.) Henry Austin
   B.) Henry Ford
   C.) Daimler
   D.) Karl Benz

Answer: Option 'B'

Henry Ford


Who introduced the use of artificial heart for surgery?

   A.) Christian Barnard
   B.) Michael DeBakey
   C.) Alfred Blalock
   D.) Thomas Starzl

Answer: Option 'A'

Christian Barnard

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